Climate Declaration

Countries throughout the world have set a goal to substantially reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and Iceland along with the EU and other nations have pledged to reduce emissions by 40% in the coming years. Valitor, represented by Vidar Thorkelson, CEO, participated November 16, with representatives of no fewer than 103 Icelandic companies and organizations, in the signing of a declaration on climate action hosted by the Mayor of Reykjavik.

"In Iceland, we are not facing pollution from the generation of electricity or home heating technologies, as in many nations, rather our major challenges stem from pollution due to transport and waste disposal," the report said of the event.

Valitor, along with the other participants will set goals and follow through with actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Our signature marks the formal start of the project launched by the City of Reykjavík and Festa, the Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility. In December, Reykjavík will deliver the signed statement at the UN Climate Conference in Paris. At Valitor, the planning committee on corporate responsibility will draft business objectives that management and all other employees will actively participate in achieving as well as closely monitor the project’s progress.

Valitor has already taken a big step in the right direction with the recent purchase of three electric company cars used by staff for sales, service and meetings throughout the capital-city area.

From signing the agreement on the left: Ketill B. Magnusson, Director of FESTA, Vidar Thorkelsson, CEO of Valitor and Dagur B. Eggertsson, Mayor of Reykjavík

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