Acquiring Services

Valitor has been specialising in international acquiring services since 2003, being one of the first companies to receive a European cross border license. Valitor works directly with merchants, ISOs and PSPs, offering both card-present and card-not-present acquiring services. Valitor seeks long-term partnerships with companies who share its ambition for innovation and product leadership. 

We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and an ability to create tailored solutions, that demonstrates our flexibility and commitment to service. Our team of professional and solution minded staff make the difference that our customers appreciate. 

Valitor offers acquiring services to all European merchants through a network of selected partners. At the heart of our success are the long-established relationships with our partners, which have enabled all parties to gain a competitive advantage by capitalising on each other’s resources.

The world of payments is full of challenges, but we believe that there is always a solution. That is how we conduct our operations. 

Our operations have been built through close working partnerships with Visa Europe and MasterCard. 

For more information or chat about your acquiring needs, please contact:

Tel: +354 525 2290