Online Payments

Valitor offers a range of online payments and services:
  • E-Commerce transactions
  • 3D secure payments
  • Visa Original Credit
  • Recurring payments
  • MO/TO payments
  • Multi-currency

3D secure payments

To reduce merchant exposure to the fraud risk and provide protection from fraud-related costs, Valitor offers solutions that allow merchants to process 3D secure transactions for both Visa and MasterCard. These solutions, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, are tools used to authenticate cardholders during an e-commerce transaction. Using our 3D secure solutions provides many benefits, both for merchants and their customers. Advantages include a decrease in fraud-related costs for merchants and an increase in buyers’ confidence in purchasing online.

Visa Original Credit

Valitor offers Visa’s Original Credit to gaming merchants. This payment method allows gaming merchants to refund winnings onto the same card used to participate in the game. This method protects both the merchant and the cardholder from fraud and associated costs.

Recurring payments

Recurring payment functionality benefits merchants who base their business on subscription products or services. They allow merchants to make monthly charges to a cardholder’s account with minimum inconvenience.

MO/TO payments

Mail Order and Telephone Order functionality benefits merchants who market and sell their products through regular mail or telephone sales, as well as merchants who offer products or services that do not have a fixed price.


Valitor’s multi-currency acquiring system enables merchants to accept card payments in a wide range of currencies, regardless of the geographical extent of the business. Merchants enjoy the benefits of settlement in the same currency assigned to their bank accounts in their home countries or the location in which their business is transacted. Customers shop or pay in the currency they know best, their own. Talk to our experts about which currencies are currently offered for settlements and processing.