Valitor participant in Red Nose Day in the UK

In March, Valitor participated in the Red Nose Day charity event in Great Britain. Valitor’s contribution involved acquiring web donations to support the initiative in the UK in cooperation with Stripe, a US based Payment Facilitator. The project required massive preparation for Valitor and Stripe where a large number of employees from various departments were needed to make sure both Valitor and Stripe were able to handle the high volume of transactions passing through the Valitor acquiring platform, during the collection period. "This project put our systems, technology and people to the test. We proved that we have the ability to participate in a project of this magnitude, thanks to our highly capable staff," commented Vidar Þorkelsson CEO Valitor.

The Red Nose Day campaign is held biannually in the UK where people partner to devise fun events on the job, in schools and at home to serve a good cause. This year’s event reached its peak when donations streamed in during a live entertainment and fundraising broadcast on the BBC, Friday evening, March 13th. The charity, Comic Relief, organized the event and donations are used to help the needy in the UK and Africa. 

The charity’s objective is to spur realistic and permanent changes that attack the root causes of poverty and social injustice.


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