Valitor Eco-car Fleet

Valitor adheres to a clear cut environmental and transportation policy. Environmentally friendly vehicles are fundamental and in  keeping with this focus, the company has purchased three Volkswagen e-Golf electric cars for servicing the company's customers. The new vehicles are agile and quick, completely quiet and free of emissions as electricity is their only source of power. The cars have a reach of up to 190 km on a full charge and a long-lasting battery requiring minimal space. Electric vehicles are a compelling future option for this country because of easy access to environmentally sound, inexpensive energy and the resulting foreign exchange savings to the economy.

Valitor headquarters in Hafnarfjördur, Iceland has installed custom-designed green parking spaces with charging stations for company and employee electric vehicles. Natural ventilation is in the underground garage which along with the floors above is outfitted with lighting controls to reduce energy consumption. The headquarters building adheres to a green rental contract that commits the firm to, among other things, sort and recycle waste, purchase green office supplies and construction materials and to monitor electrical and heating use. An emphasis is placed on simple solutions that minimize energy consumption, are sustainable and require less frequent replacement.

Valitor offers its employees a transportation contract that promotes the use of environmentally friendly, efficient and healthy modes of transportation. Employees are encouraged to leave their petrol and diesel powered cars at home and travel to and from work by bike or with public transport.

In the accompanying photo are on the left: Account Managers Dadi Mar Steinþórsson, Sigrun Jonsdottir, Jón Helgi Gudnason. On the right: Sigurhans Vignir, Executive Director Acquiring Iceland and Account Manager Guðný Ósk Sigurgeirsdóttir.

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