Valitor Issuing Services

Our accumulated knowledge and lean structure allows us to focus on speed, flexibilty and a desire to meet the requirements of each and every customer in the card-issuing process.

Valitor has a state of the art issuing platform with a unique ability to launch new customized programmes including:

  •   Multi-purpose open loop or closed loop
  •   Virtual or Physical
  •   Contactless or Mobile
  •   Corporate or Consumer
  •   Credit, Debit & Prepaid BIN Sponsorship

BIN sponsorship

Our BIN sponsorship services include access to the Visa and MasterCard payment networks, associated clearing and settlements services, as well as complete regulatory oversight. We offer a full banking service including the ring-fencing of e-money in a trusted third party bank account. This is done through the use of a credit institution license in Iceland which is passported throughout the EEA alongside an E-Money licence in the United Kingdom.

Processing services

Valitor is a leading European single-source provider of integrated issuing and processing services. We create new competitive opportunities for partners and clients with a major focus on time to market and profitability whilst retaining near perfect uptime.
Our 30 plus years of payment software development experience means we understand how to fine tune the systems to achieve the very best results for our partners and their customers. Our processing platform offers our partners a comprehensive, dynamic and scalable range of solutions designed to meet the ever-changing payments’ landscape.

34 years of experience

 Valitor has over three decades of card issuing and our accumulated knowledge and experience is of huge benefit to customers.

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